Puppy school

In March 2015 Olli started to visit puppy school with Lana and me. She was a very good student and learnt  some basic skills like: sit, lay down, stay, heel and some other tricks needed for a  good living in urban area. With her schoolmates Olli also visited ZOO and some urban areas outside dog school After almost three months of hard work Olli successfully concluded puppy school with 97 % (68 out of 70 points).


When Olli was still in a puppy school one hour was dedicated for introduction of agility. And Olli liked it the first time she saw it so when she was around 10 months old we slowly started with the agility which brings so much fun and joy to our Olli. We are practising it ever since when the weather allows us as we do agility only in the open air. We have an excellent instructor and friend Manca Mikec who is always friendly and very patient with us and so with her help we learnt all agility hurdles and took part on two competitions in the springtime of 2017. We do agility on recreational basis as Olli really enjoys in her favourite activity which brings her a lot of fun and pleasure.

Rally obedience

Olli started with rally obedience class in springtime 2016 which was very interesting and useful but a little bit boring for Olli who doesn’t like to repeat the same exercise for many times. Olli learnt many interesting things like walking backwards and different turns and finished rally obedience class in June 2016. Due to her lack of interest we decided to stop practising rally obedience. Well we still practice it just for fun not focusing on perfect performance of different exercises as we both like it that way. We must remember that bolognese is a companion dog and for him all activities are fun and play only. But thanks to puppy school and rally obedience class Olli can be off-leash almost everywhere.


Because Olli is a beautiful representative of her breed and because I like showing dogs and dog shows for more than 30 years we decided that Olli should also visit some shows and hopefully make her super breeder and our great friend Jessica proud too.

Olli’s first show was at a tender age of 4 months in Ljubljana and she behaved nicely so we showed her a couple of times in puppy class to get her used to dog shows before her real show career started with junior class.  Her most remarkable achievement in puppy class is becoming World Hope 2015 on World dog show in Milano where 75 bolognese dogs were shown. Olli is  very successful on dog shows and she behaves in the ring like an ice queen with dignity and pride. Big thanks for improvement of my handling skills go to Anja Matič, who is an excellent professional handler of all dog-breeds and who organizes show handling classes regularly.

More about Oll’s show successes you can find under Show results.

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