Puppy school

In October 2017 Sončka started to visit puppy school with Lana and me. She was a good student and learnt  some basic skills like: sit, lay down, stay, heel and some other tricks needed for a  good living in urban area.

But she didn’t like the rainy weather and the wet grass and the darkness so many times she asked me to lift her up. Despite all troubles connected with rainy weather she managed to successfully pass puppy school exam.

Basic school

In May and June 2018 Sončka continued with her education and she was much better student than in puppy school because the weather was warm and sunny, so she didn’t mind laying on the grass and doing several other interesting tricks. With her schoolmates Sončka also visited ZOO and some urban areas outside our dog school and everywhere she behaved very nicely. Still she was a very spoiled girl feeling best in my lap. After almost two months of hard work Sončka successfully concluded basic school with 80 % (56 out of 70 points) as she very much disliked the heeling exercise and dirty spots on the grass.


In autumn 2018 Sončka started with her first lessons in agility and at first she has not shown so much interest as her mother Olli. We tried with agility again in springtime 2019 and now she shows much more interest for agility especially she likes the contact obstacles: see-saw, dog-walk and A-frame. Tunnels are OK if they are clean and dry as Sončka is a very clean girl and behaves like a diva sometimes.


Sončka’s first show was at a tender age of 4 months on Slovenian Club show for toy breeds. She finished as third best minor puppy of the show. As she was quite stubborn we decided to show her some more in puppy class and after some time she turned herself into a happy girl who started to like dog shows. Her biggest success in Junior class was the title of European Junior Winner 2018 and BIS Junior title on Bichon Speciality show in Slovakia. Her biggest show success so far was European Winner 2019. She shows off herself nicely if the show rings are clean, but when they are dirty or outdoors it is quite challenging to run with our diva over dirty spots.

More about Sončka’s show successes you can find under Show results.


Sončka is our bundle of joy and endless energy and she is up for any activity you can imagine. She absolutely loves doing dynamic tricks and playing with the toys. Unlike her mamma she dislikes retrieving small toys but she is very food motivated and she is a very smart girl always finding something interesting to do or finding hidden titbits that wait just on her. She is very patient when she has to be groomed or bathed. She loves long walks and hiking trips in the nature. But she also likes to lay in human’s lap, on the couch, bed or Lana’s table. She likes to be involved in any kind of activity her humans think of but she also enjoys just laying on the deckchair on our terrace and observe the surroundings. She can be very vocal with unfamiliar things but she quickly calms down. At nights she usually sleeps in bed and she is our little sunshine girl who has brought much happiness and joy into our lives. We love her very much and hope she stays our bundle of joy and endless energy for many more years.

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