Sončka our little miss sunshine

Sončka was born in our home on 2nd August 2017 as the only daughter of our beloved Olli. So since the first day we knew she will stay with us. Lana chose her name long before she was born. She was the leader of the pack since the first day and her brothers Silvestro aka Bajsi and Snoopy always followed her. From time to time she tries to challenge her mother Olli and her sweet auntie Calli but soon they show her where is her place in the herd.

Baby Sonchka

Baby Sonchka

Sončka is a girl with an attitude just like her owner Lana. They have a special bond and usually Sončka helps Lana doing homework and studying. They also play a lot together and Sončka loves to be cuddled up in Lana’s lap and to sleep on her pillow in the bed at nights.

Sončka is a very optimistic creature and she loves all people and animals. She is very self assured and very outgoing girl and likes to greet people and to be talked to and caressed. So she has many friends in our neighborhood. She also likes to greet dogs and play with them so she has many dog friends too although she likes most playing with her mamma Olli and her auntie Calli when she is ready for a game.

Sončka is a very spoiled little lady and she is taking advantage of her cuteness – her big, dark eyes looking so innocently always melt my heart. It is so hard to resist her charm and she is aware of it.

Despite the fact that she is a bolognese she has many characteristics of spitz breeds of dogs. Unlike her mamma Olli she is a dog who would do everything for food and she is a strong and playful girl always ready for an action. Her role model is for sure our Calli. They have a special bond and they both have very similar sweet and outgoing personalities.

Sončka is a very obedient girl and walks perfectly without a leash following us like a shadow, but when she is on a leash she sometimes stops walking or she lays down as she would like to say why I have to be on a leash when I am so well behaved without it.

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