Olli our sweet and lovely girl

Olli joined our family on 8th February 2015. We traveled to Netherlands to pick her up and after a very long car drive, most of which Olli spent in my lap, we finally came to snowy and cold Ljubljana. Olli was an excellent traveler and didn’t cry at all although she was a little scared. Our children Lana and Tosja eagerly waited on her at home and immediately they all become great friends.

Our lapphund girl Calli was at first a little bit jealous on Olli and probably disappointed because we brought home a small white soft and fluffy dog instead of a bigger black teddy-bear looking dog, but they soon become best friends and are very fond of each other.

With her lovely face and big dark eyes Olli quickly gained many fanciers in our neighborhood.

Olli is our white angel of love in disguise. She is gentle and tender with a very sweet personality.

She is a very dignified and very charming little girl always giving the impression of an important air.

She is not scared of big dogs and she ignores cats and other small animals.

She might be aloof with strangers and is very picky when concluding friendships. But if she accepts you as a friend she will be your friend forever.

She enjoys laying on the pillow on the couch or in a lap of one of her people and playing with Nina Ottoson dog puzzle games.

She is a typical bolognese who loves her family (all members) unconditionally. She is the sweetest girl with super personality. She follows me like a shadow and doesn’t really need the leash as she always keeps very close. When she is tired or has many grass, leaves or other dirt in the hair she just sits down waiting to be lifted up. She doesn’t like crowded places, loud and wild kids, intrusive and loud adults and unusual and strange people and things, so in such situations she is always carried around in my lap where she feels very safe.

She knows the ways of each member of our household and she adapts well to each one. With our 11 years old son she enjoys playing rough and tough games and loves when he drags her around the house on a blanket. Whenever she gets a chance she likes to sleep wrapped around his head on the pillow.

Our daughter Lana takes great care of Olli, she takes her out for walks and teaches her several interesting tricks. Often she is laying on Lana’s table when she is doing home works or school projects. They always fight for small chocolate balls as Olli adores them and would do anything just to get a tiny bite of it.

Olli is also a very playful little girl in safe environment.

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