The story about Bolognese

Even before I got my first dog yorkie Gari I have seen bolognese dogs for the first time in my life on a dogshow in Trieste, Italy back in October 1984. There were quite some bolognese dogs on that show, but what I remember most even today, were three lovely bolognese dogs from kennel »di Platino Iridio« of Mr. and Mrs. Bonanno who were sharing their sandwiches with their dogs and they were all very friendly. Bolognese captured me the first time I saw them and some years later I bought a book about Bolognese dogs written by F. Bonanno in Italian language and probably the only book about Bolognese dogs in English language written by W. Knorr. In the passing years I have admired Bolognese dogs also on shows in 90’s and in 00’s where we were showing our dogs. I have read so many great things about them and  met many nice people during the years who are very satisfied with their bolognese dogs that we decided long ago that a dog from bichon group  will be our next puppy.

Our children Lana and Tosja also love dogs very much and when we took them with us on a couple of shows our daughter Lana completely fell in love with the bolognese and bichon frise. Since I have admired bolognese from my early teenage years and since our children are now growing up and are very gentle with animals I agreed that our next puppy could be a bolognese girl.

In January 2012 we agreed that one day a bolognese will join our family and since then we have been actively following the bolognese scene (mostly via Facebook and Internet as we seldom visited shows in the last years). But we watched Bolognese dogs on World dog show in Salzburg 2012, World dog show in Budapest 2013 and European dog show in Brno 2014.

After our beloved Nati died in October 2014 we actively started with our search for a bolognese girl.

I will never forget the happy news when Jessica van Driel from kennel “Little White Wonder” who is a very reputable and passionate breeder of bolognese dogs informed me that one of the daughters of her beautiful girl Gina and her handsome boy Matteo could be ours.

We were all very happy and we counted the days until Olli could come to live with us. Jessica is such a wonderful person and great friend. She was patiently answering on my too many questions and sending me photos and videos of Olli and her litter brother and sisters constantly, so the waiting on our special princess was not too long. In the beginning of February 2015 Little White Wonder Olivia Gina (aka Olli) joined our family. She was the first puppy leaving Jessica’s home so when we came to take her we were able to see also her beautiful mother Gina, her sisters Orsola (aka Scout) and Osanna (aka Zaansie) and her brother Othello (aka Otti) who were all very lovely and promising puppies. Olli’s brother Othello and sister Orsola went to live with breeders and dog judges in United Kingdom and her smallest sister went to live with Jessica’s friend and breeder in United States. The family reunion on European dog show in August 2016 in Brussels where all litter sisters, brother and mammy Gina were shown and met again was a very joyful one and will stay in my memory forever.

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